Abstract Subjects

Assistive technologies for infertility
Reproductive endocrinology
Reproductive surgery
Reproductive biology
Reproductive genetics


Abstract Submission Deadline
The date for abstract submission deadline is determined as September 25, 2022 by the Congress Scientific Committee.

Online Abstract System Procedure
Abstracts will be sent "online" on the congress website under the headings of oral presentations, poster presentations and video presentations. The Scientific Committee has the right to decide on changing the abstracts as oral or poster presentations.

Oral abstracts should be original researches structured as “purpose, material and method, findings, discussion and conclusion”.

Poster abstracts; will be accepted in research and case report categories.

The posters to be prepared should be prepared in 70 x 90 cm dimensions. The titles of the authors and the institutions they work for should be written. If requested, documents showing that the papers and posters have been presented will be given to the authors.

Research poster abstracts should be structured in the form of "purpose, material and method, findings, discussion and conclusion", and case report abstracts should consist of "introduction, case report, discussion and conclusion" sections.

Acceptance Announcement
Abstract acceptance letters will be sent by October 10, 2022 to the submitting authors contact e-mail address in the system.

All accepted abstracts will be highlighted in the system and authors will be able to monitor the actual situation of their abstracts.